Insights from your Myspace Band Page

MySpace band pages.  Are they similar to general population polls?  I noticed since I posted elixir 10 – provisions, I had a steady stream of “interesting.”  Most of the comments, of course, come from avant-garde artists, so I generally accept that as a compliment.  On the other hand, I anticipate “beautiful” being the operative word for elixir no. 11 – plague spirit.  It’s either interesting or beautiful.  Maybe at our base comprehension, a listen of a small moment, we divide music into what we think is beautiful or what we think is interesting. 

One very talented composer mentioned that my music, “of course,” brings to mind Nancarrow.  I was baffled, as I had never heard of this man.  I few moments later and I had the summary of his life in front of me.  A very interesting man, Nancarrow.  I recommend reading up on him and checking out his works. 


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