How does one find time to write, while staying current?

Readers, are you aware of the neverending argument which started somewhere, I’m guessing,  after the 40s, 1940s that is.  Scholars have exacted their theories in a fashion that could be described as pseudoscience.  I say that because the scholars are treating amaranth music as if it were a concrete form to be placed in a controlled envirement.  I have contacted fellow composers regarding this and hope to bring you a conversation or two on the topic. 


2 thoughts on “How does one find time to write, while staying current?

  1. “There is a theory now, which is if you sound too “out there” or too “different,” you are in fact old. The avant-garde is under attack”

    Is there a name for this theory (other than “inevitable result of simpering submission to the New World Order”)?

  2. Theory, as a conjecture, not the scientific or mathmatic theory. I know I bring up science in the post, but I mean to say there is an idea, or speculation, some might believe as fact, that avant-garde music is now a genre that is over, rather than a subjective term for cutting edge music. Therefore, if you sound cutting edge, you are labeled as creating music within a genre that isn’t current. Probably an elitist, postelitist, or even postmodern idea, or all of the above. ABCDs, very academic.

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