A Minor Annoyance – iTunes

I was informed today that my CD, “Charmed Elixirs” was insufficiently “classical” by iTunes “strict” standards.  So I was given a choice of several other genres (actually every other genre).  I could go with Alternative, Blues, Children’s Music, Comedy,  Country, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, Rap, Holiday, Christian & Gospel, Jazz , Latin, New Age,  Pop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock,  Soundtrack, Spoken Word, Vocal or World.

I found it odd, being locked out in a sense.  Chilling.  Who are these judges at iTunes in the “classical” genre?  Are they sitting around a large granite table with Haydn playing in the background, dusting off their wigs.  Do they know about me?  Are they worried this “amaranth” thing might just catch on?

Well readers, life goes on and I went with iTunes suggestion of “new age.”  But just remember, I don’t agree with it and in fact I don’t think a new age listener would either.  I’ll try to not let it get to me, its a minor annoyance.  I’ll go visit Michael G. Breece’s “the study of dipshit’s on speed” to ease my mind.   


One thought on “A Minor Annoyance – iTunes

  1. “Who are these judges at iTunes in the “classical” genre? Are they sitting around a large granite table with Haydn playing in the background, dusting off their wigs.”

    Ha ha ha!

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