From James Combs to J.C. Combs

The metamorphosis continues my friends.  Now I shall change my name, as “James” signified the evil side of me, the troublemaker.  Just kidding!! 


Seriously, I am changing my artist name to J.C. versus James because in the Internet age the networks that promote and distribute our music can really only deal with one person of one name in use in the field of music.  Give them two of the same and things are inevitably and irrevocably fouled up.  There happens to be a talented rocker out of California who also goes by the name, James Combs.  I figured no problem, we are in two very different genres.  However, that is not the case.  Genre is not looked at, it is assumed that there is only one artist with one name.  So look forward to seeing Charmed Elixirs paired up with the rock albums of aforementioned talented artist. 


I like JC (I never really was called James in person anyway) and the other Combs has four or so albums out to my one, so I will try as best as possible to split our doppleganging.  It was cool being a rocker there for awhile.  J stands for James and C is Clark which is my middle name. 




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