Ture Larsen

Ture Larsen has some great music up at his Myspace page.  I am not aware of a blog or website to link to, but his page over at Myspace offers a fantastic visit full of  mysterious sounds mixed up with electroacoustic and standard orchestral instruments.  Ture doesn’t hold anything back in his composition and it shows.  Exciting, enigmatic, undaunted, elaborate and precise are some words that come to mind when listening to Ture Larsen.  And you know how when you visit someone’s band page and it takes three minutes to load, then you find out its because they have 20 crappy YouTube videos of themselves up?  Well Ture has some Myspace videos but they are really worth watching and they don’t bog down his page.  One of my favorites involves a man standing at the edge of a subway landing (could be a train).  Another is the a singer who can’t seem to keep an article of clothing from falling off


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