Off-Topic: Wii Fit

All through my school years up until my early 20s I had an immensely fast metabolism.  Now past my mid-30s, tasty meals such a pizza seriously pack a couple pounds on and after awhile it adds up.  I walk quite a bit in my normal routine, but my busy schedule doesn’t allow much time to hit the gym. 

So I viewed the preview of the Wii Fit and it looked really fun and for a mere $89.00 I was primed to buy it.  I heard there was a shortage of them, so I called around.  Every store told me to stop by at 8 a.m. the next morning as they might have some in.  I planned for my wife to go one direction and I would go the other.   We communicated our findings via cell phone.  She arrived at Target prior to my arrival at Fred Meyer.  She informed me that they had none in.  However, as I stepped into the Fred Meyer electronics department I noticed many Wii Fit boxes behind the cash register.  I proceeded to check out and, viola, mission accomplished.

We set it up and went through the entire beginning workout (you unlock more workout options as you improve).  Certain portions are definitely aimed at keeping you from aging beyond the point of disrepair before your time is up.  Walk a tightrope, ski, ski jump, are a couple examples and if you regularly do this, this gadget just might keep you balanced and seriously help the elderly avoid falls which lead to broken hips and unfortunate deteriorating health states (no pun intended). 

Another aspect is for folks looking for a challenging workout.  I believe this portion of the Wii Fit will be looked over for awhile, but I noticed that Nintendo focused hard on this area as I kept unlocking more and more strength exercises while in non-related areas of my workout.  The first strength workout I did on “beginner” was to do pushups on the scale device and then turn my body and hold one arm up.  As I type this I admit I am sore just from that particular exercise.

The other area Nintendo hit on was the peaceful workout.  Yoga, need I say more. 

Almost lastly, and the most fun was the aerobics.  Hula-hoops and dancing at the beginner level went by so fast, yet the Wii told me I had been going at it for 20 minutes. 

Finally, and for me the most impressive aspect, was the jogging section.  It is actually under “aerobic” but I think Wii could have added a separate section just for this.  You don’t run on the board.  You simply put your Wii-mote in the back pocket of your shorts and run in place.  It might look silly to strangers watching you, but most likely no one will be watching you but your family and friends.  It feels so close to the real thing if you pick up your legs enough, because your avatar moves along in step and you are with a group of others in-game running you along cool paths.  Now the option here is to run at different lengths, so I can really see this part catching on because running is b.o.r.i.n.g. and the way Wii Fit implements this actually provides a fix for that dilemma. 

To wrap it up, so far so good Wii Fit.  I am looking forward to starting it up again already. 



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