Another Marc Chan Notice

Link:  Washington Post

Shout Out:  Marc Chan does it again.  Washington, DC.   From the Washington Post: 

“Wang showed her Asian roots in contemporary compositions. Marc Chan’s “My Wounded Head” went from quietly intoned sound points to grand waves that warbled and thundered. Sung J. Hong’s “Ecstatic Rhapsody” deserves a prize for sheer quantity of notes, if not for expressive depth. Wang made Wanghua Chu’s “Celebration of New Life” and Peixun Chen’s “Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake” respectively joyous and peacefully evocative.

Showy scores truly put Wang in her element. The five steely movements of Prokofiev‘s “Sarcasms,” Op. 4, were unfailingly incisive and vital. Scriabin’s Fantasie in B Minor, Op. 28, was a luscious wash of color, infused with big swirls of sound. Her soon-to-be-released recording of the composer’s music on the Naxos label should be a dandy.” – Post

Hey Marc, you’re not in bad company.  Xiayin Wang… very nice!  But Prokofiev and Scriabin??  Never heard of em 😉


One thought on “Another Marc Chan Notice

  1. LOL! Thanks James for the shout-out! I’m slowly making my way through various cities … next stop Seattle I hope! 🙂 And I’m trying to persuade Xiayin to do an all-Marc program soon … maybe after a couple more saketinis … 😉


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