The ‘Wilhelm Scream’

Have you ever heard of the Wilhelm Scream? Chances are you haven’t, unless you are a huge film buff. I am certain you have heard the actual scream, though. You just didn’t know it. After you read this, your movie-going experience will never be the same. Ah, the power of enlightenment.

Anyway, I was researching Quentin Tarantino on Wikipedia. This stemmed from an article about Uma Thurman announcing an engagement, or something along those lines. I thought she was married to Ethan Hawke, so I wikiid her and then ended up wikiing Tarantino and somehow ended up at the Wilhelm Scream.

It is a stock sound-effect taken from a film called “Distant Drums,” back in 1951, according to Wiki. Actor/singer Sheb Wooley is given credit for the voice. What is interesting is that it has been used in a massive amount of films. Check Wiki for the list of films.

Upon further investigation, I found a Youtube compilation. I hope it gives you a chuckle or two.


3 thoughts on “The ‘Wilhelm Scream’

  1. Thanks, Marc. We must be careful, though, when a character is getting thrown off a building or into the mouth of a giant earthworm creature, etc., not to laugh inappropriately 😉

  2. It made me want to watch them all (for the first time or again)! Including “Them!”, not only for the scream but for the ant too!

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