Some Details on the Follow Up To “Charmed Elixirs”

Great news. I have found access to a powerful laptop. You see my computer cannot handle my works, at least the ones planned for the next album. Too many notes = trouble. This laptop computer has a duel processor and a massive hard drive.

As an answer to “Charmed Elixirs,” I am going to create works which one might term as “bats in the belfry.” BATS IN THE BELFRY!!!

The works will be miniature and purposely difficult. There was a conversation at S21 called “easy to play.” I wrote in the comment section “a composer doesn’t choose to write hard or easy works, they just do.” Well readers, it looks like I was wrong. But why do something so inane you ask? I’m looking at the big picture. At this point in my creative span, I am not in a mood to create anything eloquent, but I will come back full circle at some point.

* I’ll pass on that Marc Chan informed me today he is planning on releasing his debut CD sometime this year. Take note.


3 thoughts on “Some Details on the Follow Up To “Charmed Elixirs”

  1. BTW: You said this year, I’m thinking 2009 (this is true in my case, but remember no date is official till signed, i.e., no pressure, but hurry up LOL (my crystal ball says it sees something along the lines of Naxos in your future). (Bloggers: As I have made notice of in my “notices department”, one only has to listen to Chan’s “my wounded head” at his myspace page to get excited with this news.) I’m looking forward to your sharing the progress of the CD, Marc! Thanks for your keen insight to my title as well 😉

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