Leif Jordansson 2 of 2

Besides composing many charismatic works, Leif Jordansson is busy with other projects such as “Open Source Composition,” which he formed as an experiment of collaboration. Leif will dig up a small sound file of whatever comes to his mind, perhaps a guitar strum or some strange thud. You, the composer, download the mp3 and pop it into your sequencer, or whatever you choose to use, and record something into it to give it your touch. Eventually, after many musicians add whatever sound or instrument to the sound file, it goes from that strange thud into a full-on work.

Then there is “The Great Learning Orchestra.” This is big (listen to “tread the trail, “gyp the blood” and “vexations”). The best description of the Great Learning Orchestra is at its Myspace Page which is as follows: “GLO is a network initiated by Leif Jordansson and Pelle Halvarsson. Since the start 1999 more than 100 people have played in different constellations under the name The Great Learning Orchestra. From the beginning it was an idea to gather people from different branches of the music tree in Stockholm, Sweden. Classical, jazz, impro, rock, folk and theatre musicians came together and performed Terry Riley’s “In C”. Our next project was to play Eric Satie’s “Vexations” in an arrangement for orchestra (Listen to the end of the concert as an mp3). With a minimum of 4 musicians and a maximum of 26 we played the piece for 24 hours. As we were inspired by Cornelius Cardew and The Scratch Orchestra, we started to invite people that had been involved in experimental music from Great Brittain in the 60’s and 70’s. First Gavin Bryars for workshops and a concert of “Jesus blood never failed me yet”, later also “The sinking of the Titanic”. Gavin introduced us to Dave Smith who came to Stockholm to work with music by Cardew, Ives, Grainger and himself (Gyp the blood is an Ives composition from that concert). A year later Terry Riley came to Stockholm and we played his “Tread on the trail” together with him and his old friend Folke Rabe (Listen). 2006 GLO worked with more noise based music. Ulrich Krieger came from Berlin to rehearse and lead a performance of “Metal Machine Music” by Lou Reed, transcribed and arranged by Ulrich Krieger. Then we made our own version of the music and sounds from “Texas Chainsaw massacre” (Pelle Halvarsson, Leif Jordansson and Peter Bryngelsson) and performed it as aconcert with screamers, chainsaw, country & western band, and a large orchestra. We have an invitation to all composers of experimental music out there. It is called “A4 Room” – write any kind of piece for an orchestra with the only limit that it has to be written on one side of an A4 sheet. We will play it and put it in our exhibition together with old and new pieces.”

So I hope you check Leif out. I won’t be surprised if Leif has more going on that I’m missing here, but he’s a hard guy to keep up with ;).


The Great Learning Orchestra Site, GLO Myspace Page, Leif Jordansson’s Myspace Page, Open Source Composition Myspace Page


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