The Arts Will Become Lucrative: Ca-Ching$!$

You artists with your art holier than thou, don’t-make-money-and-sell-out-your-soul-to-the-devil idealists listen up! There will be money in the arts, MASSIVE AMOUNTS. I will tell you why, but I can’t tell you when it will happen. I just know its inevitable, and kinda funny, maybe it will PISS you off. That is, if you buy my reasoning.

There are two possible scenarios in the near future. A. The human race continues to fumble it all up and we turn the clock back to zero. Or B. We somehow get it right, perhaps due to strides in technology and unknown occurrences. Now think about this (case B). What happens then? I mean, these JOBS, money-making jobs, they are fairly basic. More than half will be decimated, wiped off the map, by technology. The system will change. It has to in that event, because the age of work will be OVER. I guarentee this. In fact, in the future I strongly believe, if our species survives, that the history books will classify our age as the “The Work Age.” You know, kind of how we think of hunter/gatherers from the past. They will say “so they actually got up before sunrise and worked 8 hours a day!! How the hell did they live past 40? ” Technology will wipe out the work age and we will be left to our own devices.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK EVERYONE DOES THEN? WELL THE HELL IF THEY SIT AROUND WORKING ON A GARDEN. There will still be room for making that money (Ca-Ching$$) and the primary way of doing this will be through MAKING ART. From the work age we will enter the entertainment age (utopia). Constant gratification. Everyone will make art. The people with absolutely no imagination, they will attack the arts perhaps more so than composers of any time did prior, because the demand will be unthinkable. The daily grind.. What to do…. Get up, grab your coffee, and achieve mental stimulation or else.

So the next time your conscious tells you to wise up and not associate your art with money, think about the should-be engineers whose jobs were wiped out and now they compose piano sonatas 24/7 and they SUCK!! Hey, they were the hardest workers then and prove to be the most efficient, hardest worker artists now, in future terms. Those talented artists of the future, they are simply drowned out in a sea of tone-deaf worker artists. Its evolution my friends. Academia? That’s gone too (in the sense of any “special” or particularly notable colleges). What is the use of higher education in anything technology destroyed for humans as an occupation. All higher education and most lower education is ART. Or one could interpret that as everything is academia, but in that case they cancel each other out. A sort of double-negative.

So I mentioned (at Facebook) that I was giving a lecture on this subject and I suppose I should give you the definitive answer of how to strike it rich in the arts. Of course there are many ways one could achieve that, but what I just taught you can be achieved through the procurance of a time machine and a mindset of more is better and talent is a myth.

Live long and prosper.


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