Why Do You Talk So Much? Shudup….

(PS: I have noticed a lot of traffic to my blog regarding a certain “youth pastor.” There is no blog about him here, its the RSS feed on my sidebar that had an article on him the same day I posted this. So visit Slog on my side bar to find whatever you’re looking for OR stick around and read about contemporary classical music, much less depressing don’t you think?).

Why not just compose? I’ll make this quick bloggers. The truth is that a large amount what the public perceives as a composer is romantic BS. As if they would labour hours on end, day after day, for all eternity for their art. But what is true is that when pre-technology composers existed, a lot of them would journey to places where they could live in a certain proximity of other artists. Those lucky ones would yabber on endlessly and in-between make music.

Now we are lucky that the internet age allows ALL composers to yabber on without even having to move to Paris or New York. Just one more step closer to utopia my friends.


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