My Favourite Film Music

Quick Note: I have decided to include the letter U into words (i.e., favoUrite) for a more Euro-vibe. It looks better.

I’m not in to pumping businesses. Naming them in a blog, its a sort of viral marketing. And since I’m not being paid to name drop, I’d prefer to simply leave the name of a corp. out. HOWEVER, in this case I’m going to name drop, but I think its important. On two levels, first I can quit telling all my friends who pass by here about this corp. (save me the time) and also to educate the public.

Pre-Utopia, we are stuck with pretty widespread crap in regard to entertainment, in this case television and film. Through personal experience and trial and error, I devised a sort of SOP for my entertainment. First, I canceled cable (huge rip-off). Of course, I kept the internet because I need it for my work. By the way, did you know that basic cable in my town costs 55 dollars a month? If I remember correctly, the basic plan included 20 stations. Secondly, I joined Netflix — DINGDINGDING— (the magic word).

Netflix has several plans, but for the way I was to employ them I chose the one-film-at-a-time delivery with unlimited download access (Watch Instantly). You hook up a wire from your laptop or PC to your TV (or just watch it on your laptop or PC) and after one software upgrade, viola! Here’s the thing, watch instantly doesn’t offer much in the way of new films. But those big budget Hollywood films generally suck right? And one new movie of your choice arrives a couple times a week. So to get to my initial point.

Netflix has a massive amount of old films in their watch instantly section. Enough to last a long time (sort of like that scenario from a Twilight Zone episode where the guy who loves to read breaks his glasses after he lined up a library worth of books, after a nuclear holocaust, last man on Earth sort of thing). They also have quite a collection of silent films.

My favourite film music is set to silent films. All of them! The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari and Nosferatu (from the opening scene in the house with the happy, flowery music, to the ride in the carriage) to name a few, but there are many more.


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Film Music

  1. I’m assuming that you mean the music that NetFlix provides for “Caligari” and “Nosferatu” –there seems to have been half-a-dozen scores concocted for each (there’s also a really bad synth one the BBC came down with for ‘Metropolis’ –aside from the Moroder one). My favorite scores tend to be for films that aren’t regarded as having scores — Love Happy, The Horn Blows at Midnight (years ago there was a wild 10-minute suite recorded on CD, for trumpet and orchestra), the Czech children’s film Az Prijde Kocour…

  2. It’s the one titled: Nosferatu: Original Version. I couldn’t find credit for the score at the netflix page and I looked it up online but couldn’t find any answer…

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