Elliot Cole – Composers Do Exist In Texas!

Hello readers.  Its not a good day for Texas considering the nerves Hurricane Gustav is unedging allover the south.  So enough about aliens and UFOs for a bit (Mars Webbens is out there somewhere), lets talk about Elliot Cole.  Judging from the picture, you might guess this guy is my age, pushing 37, but no he’s just a kid.  You could say the same for his music, the former that is.  Just listening, you hear seasoned, mature works.  So lets see, born in 1984, that makes him somewhere in his 20s?  Wow, talk about a future ahead.  Elliot composes tonal and chromatic works and I really have yet to hear one I haven’t liked.

Click here to quickly be shuttled to his works.

Excerpt from his website:

Elliot Cole was born in 1984 in Austin, TX. In 2008 he graduated from Rice University with a B.A. in Cognitive Science (Linguistics concentration) and a B.Mus. in Composition. He studied composition with Karim Al-Zand, Edward Applebaum, Kurt Stallman and Anthony Brandt and jazz piano with Larry Slezak. In 2006 he won first place in the Foundation for Modern Music Young Composer Competition for his string quartet “Birds” and was an ASCAP Finalist. In 2007 he studied Boulanger-style harmony, counterpoint, analysis and composition at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris with the EAMA program, completing with honors in counterpoint and harmony. He also has experience as a record producer, arranger (rock band to big band), music director for musical theater, and teacher. He currently lives in Houston, putting himself through his own private graduate school of one.


One thought on “Elliot Cole – Composers Do Exist In Texas!

  1. Thank you thank you — my next piece is a cantata on the text “Dear Gustav: I evacuated for Rita and it took 24 hours to go 200 miles and I’m never going to make that mistake again. See you in hell!”

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