Congratulations to Barack Obama!

Amaranth Arthouse Music would like to congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the first black president elect of the United States in the history of the USA!

Let us hope that we can get through another two months of Bush politics until Obama swears in.  However, let us be thankful we are one step closer to fixing the damage done by Bush and let us not forget once Obama inherits the mess who initially created it.  Lets not make the mistake of blaming the new guy who will work hard on our behalf while the old guy who ignored the masses and their complaints retires at the ranch.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Barack Obama!

  1. A large portion of the world is celebrating and I would be as well, if I didn’t have to wake up at 5 a.m. during the week!!!

    Yeah, Seattle was partying into the night in the streets of downtown last night. I missed it… sigh.

    Don’t know if you heard about Kenya. They are declaring tomorrow a national holiday in Obama’s honor and another part of Kenya is going to make it two days a year.

    I hear they are celebrating in Europe as well.

  2. Indonesia where Obama went to school? No way! I heard they were all plotting terrorist attacks over at that school. Heh, just kidding… unlike Faux News and their propaganda BS.

    5 a.m. yeah (yawn).

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