In the Context of Change

asdfdsdfPreface:  Readers, you might have been wondering if I’m some kind of nutcase whenever I bring up UFOs and ET.  Let me make this clear.  I have never seen a UFO or ET and I have never had a supernatural experience.  I do look for UFOs on Youtube frequently, but have to say I am not sure I have ever seen one there… and there have been some interesting videos.  I think it is true to say that if ETs are visiting Earth and have the technology to do so, then they would have the capability to know exactly who on Earth is carrying what kind of device, such as a camera or video recorder, and if they are in range of the device.  So in essence, there is no way to take a picture or video of a UFO unless ET wanted someone to.

So to get to the point.  The quote below is a reply of mine over at NNM regarding the current vibe of the US concerning the atmosphere of change with Democratic rule being led by Obama:

I am personally leaning toward “first contact” trumping all change in the near future. This in part due to the pending social advances leading to various other advances in the world due to the world leader, the US, electing Obama.  I base this on simple logic because there is too much likelihood of there being massive amounts of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations with the capability of visiting Earth.

The question then arises, what happens to the religious people of the world when they realize their beliefs were simply beliefs and nothing more?

Or what happens to people like myself if it turns out that a civilization with higher technology has discovered that a Christian-type God is ruling the universe?


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