Wallingford Food Bank

Link: delaurenti.net

Wallingford Food Bank

delaurentiSeattle-based composer Christopher DeLaurenti has quietly followed up his “Favorite Intermissions: Music Before and Between Beethoven – Stravinsky” with “Wallingford Food Bank.”  The album was released on the label “Public Record” and is available for free download at the link above.

Here is the description from PRs site:  “Seattle phonographer and soundscape composer Christopher DeLaurenti delivers a gritty sonic document of poverty for his Public Record debut. According to the cliché, the starving artist holds a golden thread to class advancement. Does an artist persist in identifying with wealth even to the point of amnesia? This is the sound of the golden thread being cut.”

Listening to DeLaurenti’s soundscapes, from the infamous Seattle WTO riots to the RNC protest in 2004 and from the private moments captured during intermissions in concert halls across the United States to the latest release in Wallingford Food Bank is highly recommended for passionate musical explorers.


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