Back to it…….

I’ve been fairly busy outside the arts lately, as some of you might know. One stumbling block has been an issue with the transfer of my music station. A certain program wasn’t letting me switch computers and I’ve been putting off dealing with figuring out how to upgrade the certification. So I finally got around to that yesterday and finished a new work along with it titled “four.”

Today I finished the 5th miniature from Bats in the Belfry due out in 2009. I’m thinking I will release this album strictly via the web. Here is “Four” set to a video (drawing). I will post the second work tonight (hopefully) set to another drawing. The second which I finished a couple minutes ago is called “old brick well.” By the way, I’m not talented at drawing, but I found this great free program called “artRage.” One feature allows you to pull up a photograph underneath the virtual canvas so you can sketch over the top.


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