Photo Me That

For some reason, I don’t know why, I was staring at a photo montage of composers and I noticed a commonality in many, which was the head tilt pose. They are telling us with this pose how understanding and sensitive they are “come and listen to my music, baby, I’ll make you feel good.” I’m sure some are composer/performers, used to rolling around with an instrument in mindless orgasmic bliss.

Oh come on, big deal, a head tilt! It could be much worse, like those soloists who only appear in photos with their instruments adorned over their glamour shot getups (did I just say getups?).

Then there is the direct approach. Staring directly into the camera, exuding confidence, “listen, I know and you know that my music is great.” Related would be the sitting down direct approach, resting your head upon your hand. “I know my music is good, but I ponder ways of improving.”

Of course, there is the other direct approach while staring directly into the camera. This is the dead serious pose. “My music is great, are you saying it isn’t? I’ll punch you in the face, but not literally. I’ll compose it out. The slamming, constant percussion, that’s me hitting you.”

My pose of choice lately is the look away pose, “I’m thinking about something serious, join me in deep thoughts. Lets float out to sea together.”


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