Meet the Breece’s

The Breece’s site scares me sometimes, I have to admit. Caroline’s because there are surgical tools splayed about in pictures which my imagination could think up a gory use for, and Michael, besides his frank talk and scattish humour and videos he sometimes posts, seemingly in the dead of night, shirtless in what looks like his basement while fiddling with a guitar or microphone, doing bizarre comedy bits and singing tunes with interesting lyrics, because….; wait I just said why he scares me.

But in all seriousness, I visit the ‘blog’ often and I probably take for granted the really great music there. So lets kick another mention off in 2009 with a salute to the Breeces.

Music of Michael G. Breece

Music of Caroline M. Breece


One thought on “Meet the Breece’s

  1. On my iPhone at least, it just looks like some fine pickups, a small dissection scissor and maybe a Kelly clamp. Nothing to worry about, JC; only J Gordon Liddy could figure out how to seriously maim someone with those.

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