Tonsils on Piano

I’ve been fighting a virus for the past two days and yesterday was the worst. I had achy joints all day, but no fever. So I go to bed and wake up with all the joint pain gone, feeling good as new. Except my throat feels raw. So I go and look in the mirror and they are three times as big. Seeing that I didn’t have a fever, I’m pretty sure this is some kind of viral tonsillitis.

I’ve been getting the vibe from people that Bats in the Belfry is too mean. I really don’t care, but since I’m not 100% health-wise, I’ll give the people something not so mean. Its a little ode, once again, to Nancarrow. Funny, though, once I plug the high powered grand VST in, it sounds a little Chopin-esque. Of course, with my style stamped in there somewhere.

Tonsils on Piano


3 thoughts on “Tonsils on Piano

  1. Thanks, David. It was interesting that without the hall the work sounded much more as I intended, player piano-Nancarrow influence. Makes me wonder what his works would sound like if I were able to pump the data into my system. But, of course, nothing can replace what he did with his piano, adding materials to the hammers, etc.

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