The Postnational Anthem

Bats in the Belfry is complete.

This work is dedicated to war, strife, economic hardship and other great “civilized” nation leading qualities.


2 thoughts on “The Postnational Anthem

  1. I especially liked the last section – I feel like it needs a four-syllable lyric/slogan to go with it. I could hear words in my head, but I couldn’t make out what they were. Given your description, I’m not sure I even know what emotional content they would have. Excellent description, though – it keeps this theory geek from “only hearing the music” (hah!).

  2. Thanks, that’s great. You must be referring to the victory celebration of a one world order at the end. Lyrics would work and any sort of improvisation is fitting. Perhaps “All Weak Nations Fall.” Interpretation is the best way to listen, but I’ll point out that the anthem enters at 2:53. Its a sort of deranged anthem isn’t it?

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