Bats in the Belfry Cover Art and Track List

I ended up describing my works as bagatelles.  Steve Layton had the great idea of petites four, which I would have gone with if I thought I wouldn’t encounter the genre problem, but I know I will.  At least a traditional classical name might hint the outstanding workers at the distribution sites to label our music correctly.  But I am still not expecting much in the way of cooperation.

jc_cover31Speaking of Steve Layton, he did the artwork for my album cover, which is a shot of Mary Jane Leach’s residence, which happens to be a church with a bell tower.  Thanks once again to both of them.

Also notice the NetNewMusic logo, which will likely be employed by various artists composing avant-garde works in the future.  The latest release date is set for February 29, 2009.  As I’ve mentioned, I am simply releasing the mp3s for DL this go around.

18 Bagatelles (Bats in the Belfry) -38 minutes-

1.  Tonsils on Piano

2.  Two Dimes and a Penny

3.  The Soaring Tortoise

4.  An Incidental Lucid Moment

5.  Silence Gave Way

6.  Four

7.  Drifting Lanterns

8.  The Deevolution of Adam and Eve

9.  Intermission (bats in the belfry)

10.  Gliese 581 d

11.  Chatoyant

12.  Colony Plans

13.  Plastic Stream

14.  Two Robots Enjoy a Gourmet Dinner

15.  A Quiet Exit

16.  Old Brick Well

17.  The Postnational Anthem

18.  Goodbye


2 thoughts on “Bats in the Belfry Cover Art and Track List

  1. Thanks, Marc. Catching up, nah. You were never behind. I would bet you have much more in the way of brilliant scores finished up. I need to work on that aspect. I hate scoring.


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