“Tonsils on Piano” Score

Readers, here is the score for “Tonsils on Piano.” Notice the instructions to the player piano and human. Human: Play fast as physically possible. Robot: Presto. To look closer at the score, press down on the “cntrl” button and mouse wheel in. The human is at a great loss to the player piano on this one, but perhaps one day with new technology a human could match the speed as in the audio recording at the bottom. However, if anyone manages to play this at any decent level of speed past adagio, I’d be rather impressed!


Tonsils on Piano

Of course its a little too hard to follow along with the above audio, so I’ll post this follow-along version.


2 thoughts on ““Tonsils on Piano” Score

  1. Although this is true for many pieces it sounded like two completely different pieces at the different tempos. I love the overtones it recreated in the “follow-along” version.

    I wonder what it would sound like with someone playing it at a slower tempo but still in time with the “robot” version looping.

  2. I like the follow-along version, but the sounds need to be changed up IMO. The one bouncing around has too much of a sucking quality

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