Warning: Off-Color Language

asc3448I visited Michael G. Breece’s blog today and noticed he made a mention of me (p.s. you were right).  But I also noticed that he has a couple works from 2009 that are fucking great.  I shit you not.  As I’m in the middle of a tryst with electronic music, I find MGB’s new works inspiring, TO SAY THE LEAST.

However, I was shocked and not so pleased to hear about his new, more at peace side.  In fact, I became a little fucking agitated.  A little Socrates goes a long way, I always say!  Sure, he had small logical faults at points, but we’re talking ancient times.  Put on trial for not believing in the Gods.  Zeus struck him down and shoved a lightning bolt up his ass.

What I especially like about the work below is its balance of voices and, once again, MGB’s distinct sound in all its ghostly ambient glory. Michael might misinterpret that without more explanation since he’s used to people calling his works horrorshow shit (a fixed description of the nonpop artist), but I mean ghostly in the friendly way. No, no, not Casper but the Feldman-esque way.

Avenue of Poplars in Autumn, 1884