“Amaranth Radio” Announced

Centered around the network of composers over at NetNewMusic,  as well as  composers I associate with, will be the music on “Amaranth Radio” to be unveiled during Improvisation Night at Twitter (Friday night 6 p.m. PST).

I’m aware that this might not catch on at all, but I’m also aware that I am perfectly cool with sitting down for an improv at any given moment and if I’m all alone doing this, que sera sera.

In addition to posting an improvisation sometime after 6 p.m. PST, Friday night, I’ll be posting the kickoff to “Amaranth Radio,” featuring two mystery composers.  And this is mysterious, not even the selected composers will know until I post this.

The first few radio sessions will be highly amateur (with the exception of the music).  It will be a little while before I work it out, that’s for sure.  So remember, Twitter is the key to listening.  Sure, I’ll post a link to the radio session on FB as well, but Twitter is where everything is primarily based.  The link to “follow me” is in the upper right hand corner here.  We will also use blipfm, but this is a subnetwork of Twitter, so its not necessary to join that, although I think its a cool site.

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