Online Improvisation Friday

With the success of last night’s Improvisation Night, it has been brought to my attention by Jeff Harrington (who has greatly helped out with the concept) that we need to release the limitation of the Twitter Improvisation “Night” and turn it into an all day event.  This is because the improvisers are spread across the globe.  So, I’ll be hosting the event at 6 pm PST, but anyone is free to host earlier and, just like any event, there can be multiple hosts (or no host at all, anarchy!).  This is a party.

Why Improvisation Friday?

To give the global classical community a place to perform, listen, and socialize.  This isn’t the 1840s anymore.  There is no Paris scene.  This also isn’t New York City, 1960.  This is 2009 and everyone is invited to this party.

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One thought on “Online Improvisation Friday

  1. I’ll be joining at 6pm PST (which right now, seems like 23pm for me) but I agree with the ‘open day’ idea. Let’s all join! 🙂

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