#improvfriday – Twitter

Our third week of nonpop improvisation on Twitter (a Stweet Art Collective) got just a little larger yesterday, 3-13-09.  I learned a couple things which I am kind of embarrassed to admit.  Randy Gibson asked what our hashmark should be.  Well, I didn’t know what a hashmark was, but I had an idea since I had seen people posting with a # in front.  Basically, its like a brand name that you don’t need to register.  Its tricky coming up with the name, since you want it to not only explain what is going on, but also keep it short enough so you’re not typing all 140 characters in the hashmark.

We decided on #improvfriday.  This is very easy to use and understand.  Twitter is gaining popularity because of their Twitter Search.  It works like Google, but updates results faster and has a unique way of informing since so many people on Twitter are updating on traffic, lines, weather, news, sports, etc.  So to find out about improvisation Friday, you open up the Twitter Search on the bottom of your Twitter page and type in #improvfriday.  You will get this result.

#improvfriday 3-13-2009

Jeff Harrington got the ball rolling with “Improvisation on Three Notes – for a pseudo-African instrument and echo box.”  Joseph Benzola commented that it sounded like Moroccan Trance.

We had two new additions.  Randy Gibson, who gave us a really great older improv, Mujeres de Juárez, and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen who submitted a brilliant improv titled, A Computer Improvisation for Five Instruments.

Paul Hertz submitted another strong work, a cool experimental harp improvisation, March Number 13 for Locrian Harp.  A low hum accompanies the harp which provides unceasing tension.  I submitted Provi III, an electronic dronish improv performed with the Arturian Moog Modular.


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