#improvfriday Part Vier

A couple updates.

1. Notice the name change week to week. I was set with Online Improv Friday (OIF) until I learned what a “hashmark” is.

Hashmark – A Twitter slogan or description of whatever is being referenced starting out with the # sign. Confused me for the longest time, but now I understand. So you type #improvfriday when you post anything relevant to improvisation friday, that way people like David Toub who will be out of town this week can catch up when they come back by typing in #improvfriday to the Twitter search bar.

2. Seems that blip.fm (remember the dot in there) is working quite well so far. You guys will probably come up with additional ideas I’m sure (Jeff mentioned something about looping into NNM player).

3. Ren B. had the idea that chatting at NNMs chat during improv friday will be a good way to hang out while we participate listening or playing. Twitterers get a little annoyed if you hijack the site too much. But the more blip.fm submissions to Twitter the better, that is certain.

4. Like the title, you can improv any time of the day. However, I will replay all improvisations from the day (unless or until there are too many plays to collect) when I sign in for the final leg of the event at 6 PM PST. We definitely could use more participants throughout the day.

5. Jeff Harrington’s impro “Vientro del Monstruo” is our official anthem for the final leg-recap of the event. Here is the list, once again, of NNM members on Twitter and composers who participate. http://twitter.com/jayuhfree – Jeff Harrington http://twitter.com/DaveSeidel – Dave Seidel http://twitter.com/pbailey – Paul Bailey http://twitter.com/jkervinen – Jukka-Pekka Kervinen http://twitter.com/dbtoub – David Toub http://twitter.com/JamesCombs JC Combs http://twitter.com/twitkarl7777 Anonymous http://twitter.com/shoodBworkin – Johnny & Faith http://twitter.com/rgolightly – Randy Gibson http://twitter.com/holokinesis – Renato Borges http://twitter.com/paulhertz – Paul Hertz


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