Let Me Tell You About ImprovFriday 4.10.09

toub-1-newsprintFirst off, I want to publicly say thanks to David Toub for the two improvisations he dedicated to me. They were great and as we agree, the second one is exceptional. Its a great privilege to have such an outstanding improvisation dedicated to me.

Yesterday was hectic! Twitter decided to go haywire in the middle of the day and not forward our tweets to FB. It also decided to make our tweets invisible. You’d post a tweet and then it would be gone. Not cool! So then right around 6 PM PST when I do the little recap of the day everything started working. Is there a God? Hmmm.

Anyway, with all the commotion, my friend showed up at my door unexpectedly, ready to party with a wedding invitation in hand. I had no time for this, I was busy trying to host the party! But you should have seen his invitation. I went to open the envelope and he says, “take a look at the stamp.” I look closely and its him and his bride to be all decked out in wedding gear, as if they had already gotten married and took pics. But again I digress.

I was glad to see Joseph Benzola arrive with at least four works to post! Thanks Joseph! Jeff Harrington submitted an awesome improv. As previously mentioned David Toub supplied two of his own, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen once again posted an excellent work later in the evening as well as Randy Gibson. I tossed one in the mix as well. Charles Turner once again submitted an excellent improvisation. Overall, I would say it was our busiest ImprovFriday to date.

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3 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About ImprovFriday 4.10.09

  1. And your improv was no slacker! Very elegant and to the point. (I commented this morning on it, but then I realized it was on Todd’s RT of it on FB and deleted it).

  2. My thanks, too – I’m very pleased to have become acquainted with the work of the other composers who have posted, and I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new each week.


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