ImprovFriday, April 17, 2009

Before I recap, I wanted to mention that my apartment just had a fire. I was busy setting up my new workstation when the damn alarm went off. Those alarms are loud. So I go to the door and touch it with an open hand to make sure I wasn’t going to get torched upon opening it. That checked out. Then I cautiously went downstairs where there was smoke. So I’m standing outside with some folks from other flats and we were wondering where the fire department was. You see, the fire department nearest to my apartment is across the street. After two minutes I made my way over by foot and walked up to the front entrance. A couple firemen were at the door and opened it casually. I said “you guys get the alarm.” They said nope. I said “my apartments on fire.” They said, “oh yeah, where is it.” I said, “its across the street.” We walked a couple feet out and I pointed across the street. They both laughed and said they’d meet me there in a couple minutes. Good news that it turned out to be a malfunction from the laundry room. Someone had overloaded the washing machine and the rubber device that spins had spun out of control and was smoldering and smoking.

We had a modest turnout last Friday. Jeff Harrington supplied a cool improvisation that had very nice rhythm. As Joseph Benzola exclaimed, “you can dance to it!” Myself, I continued from the week prior with a Moog modular, drone-style improvisation. David Toub supplied two awesome tunes of his own, a dedication and the masterwork This Piece Intentionally Left Blank. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen added two improvisations, quite impressive. One for an out of tune piano (if you’ve been following my blog you probably will remember that is one of my examples I set for contemporary piano). Charles Turner added a really cool improvisation which received positive feedback on Facebook. A comparison to Feldman (that’s the tops in my world).

ImprovFriday has now run for nine weeks. I’m contemplating turning it into an event with a start and stop date (maybe a couple times a year). Coordinating with music sites like NetNewMusic, creating or participating in online events is possible. There are a lot of resources. Something along the lines of “New Music Saturday” or “Chatnight Sunday” comes to mind.

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