ImprovFriday 5-15-09

95750005The sun finally came out yesterday across the United States and accordingly ImprovFriday was a little quieter than usual. But there were some stellar performances.

David Toub’s improv for piano was really nice and subtle, eventually collecting itself into a postminimal outing. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen showed up in the midnight hour with his #10, another very nice computer-based improv (beautiful and ghostly). Jeff Harrington reached into his hard drive and found a previous improv from 2006, rhythmic and funky. Charles Turner once again outdid the pack with two great improvisations: “Title Stolen by Frogmen”. Interesting title and as Charles explains: “I always liked comics where the aliens came through a dimensional gate deep in the ocean. Frogmen with pop-eyes and fins.” His other improvisation was “She Dances For Love,” for harps and percussion; a subdued, meditative dance. Finally, there was my improv for the arturia Moog modular.

This week’s special thanks goes to Jeffrey Harrington for showing up consistently and coming up with great ideas since the inception of ImprovFriday back in March.

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