1-2-3 artists work for progress

One: An account of a dialogue between myself and shocked Memorial Day observers with some candid wording regarding the current state of wartime affairs in the United States of America. NPR – Obama Calls Fighting Forces ‘Best Of America’.

Two: David Toub plans a new work and outlines: “I’m planning a new piece for what probably will be an ensemble consisting of two women’s voices, violin, cello, marimba, bass clarinet, bass guitar and possibly piano. The work is tentatively going to be titled torture memos (a survivor from guantánamo). The music is already largely written, in that it will mostly be derived from several recent improvisations that were done as part of James Combs’ improvfriday sessions on various social media networks. Almost all of my works started off as improvisations, so this is pretty much standard operating procedure for me. I had thought of using the title Room 101 as that was the torture room in Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984 but I thought the significance might not be obvious to anyone who hasn’t recently read the book.”

Three: Marc Chan blogs in detail regarding Jenny Holzer’s new work in the “Protect Protect” project which utilizes the Bush torture memos.  The redacted documents clearly resemble the style of S21 and Khmer Rouge. We tend to think of the tragedy in Cambodia as random killing of people in a far away, third world country, but the truth is that the S21 carried out a highly structured, policy-based system that was strictly documented.

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