Nancarrow Tribute

What happened in the video below is real. Someone going by the username “Dresden Germany” explained: “The explosion in this film is an airdropped 19 kt nuclear device. the test explosion was part of operation Snapper and was called dog. in conjunction with the dog shot, the desert rock IV exercise was conducted (aprox. 8000 DoD participants). I am sure, this is not the Buster Charlie test, because during Buster Charlie no troop maneuvers were conducted. The first desert rock exercise was conducted during Buster-Jangle Dog, an airdrop from a B-50 with a yield of 21 kt.”

At first I was trying to find some footage that displayed a sense of frantic images to fit with this Conlon Nancarrow homage (Conlon Plays) and an A-Bomb was of course appealing. But as I went over the individual film cuts while creating the video and editing, I was shocked to find that these soldiers were ordered to walk into the direction of the nuclear bomb blast. From what I infer, they were ordered to duck for the initial blast and then stand up to view the blast prior to the high velocity nuclear wind which literally blew them back. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Not the soldiers who were clueless I’m sure, but whoever ordered them to act as lab rats.

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