ImprovFriday Timeline for May 29, 2009

cekkoCongratulations to all participants yesterday. Great improvisations. I’d like to welcome two artists who joined us this week for the first time: Alun Vaughan and Steve Moyes. Well, Steve forgot about the time difference and it was too late for him to post anything, but he let me repost his excellent Ustream live performance which is linked below. This week for the recap of the event, I decided to give a rundown of the events exactly as they occurred.

Okay, so logging into Twitter, scrolling down to the “search” option and typing in #improvfriday. Voila! Lets go over what happened in a chronological fashion May 29th – Pacific Standard Time.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen posts – Impro #11 12:06 am

Charles Turner posts Clocks Gone Wrong 12:50 pm

David Toub postsObjects for Marimba, Piano and Electronic Organ 1:10 pm

David Toub posts –  For Philip Glass 1:12 pm

Alun Vaughan postsSliday 2:03 pm

JC Combs posts a composer quote – I have my own definition of minimalism, which is that which is created with a minimum of means. – La Monte Young 2:53 pm

JC Combs posts ImprovFriday Announcement- ImprovFriday on FB, across the globe artists gather to post their improvisations. Keep an eye on your data stream for music. We are also proud to present improvisations LIVE on Ustream. 3:00 pm

JC Combs posts ImprovFriday anthem – Vientro del Monstruo by Jeffrey Harrington 3:00 pm

Jeff Harrington postsLooseOrganImprovisation 3:49 pm

Paul Hertz posts Improv 7:00 for Organ 4:33 pm

Paul Hertz posts Improv 3:41 for Organ 4:34 pm

JC Combs posts Steve Moyes replay of LIVE Cello session 4:59 pm

JC Combs posts – The Hypnotic Ice Ant 5:45 pm
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