ImprovFriday Program for June 12, 2009

ImprovFriday June 12, 2009

Charles TurnerWind and Heat — *Robot Disco

Alun VaughanYadirf

Lloyd Rodgers Group per Paul Bailey Twelve from the Black Book 3/10/01

JC CombsUstream Performance 5/24/096.12impro

Steve MoyesBeing Undoing

Joseph Benzola Prayer for Peace

Greg HooperNothing On

James RossIrrational Music No. 1 for Pencil and Chair — *Irrational Music No. 2 for Pencil, Chair , Voice and Cat

Lee NoyesRossettoNoyesSaresanssnarehandsNoyesjune12SnaresanssnareNoyesJune12

Jukka-Pekka KervinenImpro #13

* Creative titles of the week.


2 thoughts on “ImprovFriday Program for June 12, 2009

  1. This is the only surviving record of the improv I did on June 12th and, unfortunately doesn’t contain any of the singing I did. Still, I love what Lapskin created musically including excerpts from the interview part of the show. I’m being interviewed (spontaneously – none of it was planned) by Djev Swaen in Portugal (I’m in Northern California) through our ustream feed. There was a 6 second delay. 🙂

    This piece is called: i love jazz

    P.S. Was having a lot of problems learning ustream while I was singing. LOL

  2. cool. You should post it to your FB and/or twitter on Friday. Just type for Improvfriday on your feed. Then I’ll include it in nx friday’s blog rundown.

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