Heads up on the new Dave Seidel release

AAM would like to give a big shout out to Dave Seidel and his new release today, August 10, 2009,  of “Elementals” on the net label Stasisfield.  From Stasisfield’s website:

Peterborough, New Hampshire’s Dave Seidel offers a microtonal ode to the four primal elements. Water, fire, earth and air are represented here by elegant synthetic sounds and digitally manipulated field recordings. Working primarily in Csound, Seidel sculpts swathing drones and digital flutters into monolithic representations of his natural subjects. Technicians will undoubtedly consult Seidel’s notes included in the album’s digital packagingpersonal website for details of these tracks’ construction, while aesthetes will simply lose themselves in their overwhelming beauty.

Listen Here

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4 thoughts on “Heads up on the new Dave Seidel release

  1. It’s great that I keep discovering new music on your blog. Ah! The wonders of the inter-web. 🙂

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