ImprovFriday August 14, 2009

Ken Palmer – Turning Back

Alun Vaughan – Lester (Dedication to Les Paul)

Adam Kondor When You Breathe You Inspire.  When You Do Not Breathe You Expire

Shane Cadman – Piece 8.14.09

David Toub – BS Piece for 6 Marimbas (Premiered by Mike Lunoe and Bill Solomon – Live + Tape – 8/6/09

Paul Muller – More in Four

Lee Noyes – Transcription

Thomas Bjørnseth – Canvas1

Bruce Hamilton – impro.8.14.09

Steve Moyes – Perseids

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.April.8.2009.for081309

JC Combs – Short Walk (Samples by Open Path Music CC 3.0)

Steve Layton –  5 Voices (Samples by Thomas Bjørnseth, Lee Noyes, Bruce Hamilton, Adam Kondor)

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