This is what’s going on

It came in through the bathroom window or backdoor, unlike the infamous Beatles tune (another Scanner Darkly reference).

By the way, I’ve been noticing I spend too much time on social networking sites and not enough time blogging.  I think I need to budget my blogging time more efficiently.   Since I haven’t been blogging as much, you probably don’t know what I’ve been up to besides “ImprovFriday.”  This is how the mashup works out thus far:

I’ve been looking toward the electroaccoustic, accousmatic, soundscape direction and fellow Seattle composer/improviser/field technician and Stranger classical/jazz columnist,  Christopher Delaurenti, has been kind enough to answer quite a few questions.  He also steered me in the direction of composer/pianist/improviser/instructor, Gust Burns, whom I ended up studying piano with for a month.   The main thing I learned from the lessons was that I was on the right track.  That’s not exactly the correct wording; maybe not alone is better.  Doing your own thing outside the big scene can sometimes make you wonder if you are off in outer space or here on Earth.  Perhaps both Gust and I are off in outer space.

2009-08-28 12.27.17

After this period of research, I decided to move forward focusing on traditional instrument and non-traditional instrument, the two working in tandem.  I’ve purchased a little Baldwin Acrosonic (another thanks to Christopher Delaurenti for the suggestion) and a used matched pair of Oktavas MK-012 from the highly esteemed composer Dennis Bathory-Kitsz .

2009-08-28 13.18.09The non-traditional instrument works will consist of sample-based music.  Although this area has been explored in the past, there is still much to be discovered.   This “field” of music is what I consider the future of amaranth music.


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