ImprovFriday+1 September 11-12, 2009

Steve Layton – Fear (W.S. Merwin)  (2006) — Voice: W.S. Merwin reading his poem “Fear”

Shane W. Cadman – Piece 091109 -In Memoriam black_key main

Bruce Hamilton – 9/12/09 improvisation w/tweaks

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Sep.9.2009

Paul Muller – Improv.9/12/09

Ken Palmer – In a Quiet Place

Adam Kondor –  #1  I am ****ing in a Room, #2  I Must Go

James Ross  (Tuning by David Beardsley) – Mystery Tuning/Tibet4th

Johnny and Faith – Improv 9/11 nyc

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – 9/11/09

JC Combs – #1  Impro.9.11.09 #2 Test Sessions

Thomas Bjørnseth – Episode 12

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