ImprovFriday Site Launch – CD, etc.

A little history.  I founded ImprovFriday back in March.  It was a boring Friday.  I was improvising and thought, I like this improvisation and I want to post it to Twitter.  But I had no reason to.  I thought, if I announce its ImprovFriday, that reason would be sufficient.  The first reply was from Twitkarl.  He replied “improvfriday?”  Soon after David Toub posted the first improvisation and the rest is history.

Look at the right side here for every blog post of every week’s IF program with audio links.  It has steadily grown and with the help of social networks like Facebook and Twitter it has been pretty successful.  I would like to thank everyone on the collaboration CD that is in the works and give a nod to David Toub, the first participant. David has has given great feedback regarding ImprovFriday as well. I would lastly like to thank Dennis Bathory-Kitsz for pushing me to get rid of a feature which was making the event difficult to participate in, which was the use of (no offense blip!).

But alas, we finally reached a point where we need our own site and I’m happy to announce ImprovFriday.  Its not going to be a NNM part 2, but it is going to be a place where I hope people show up to post nice music.

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