Jane Martin

Dear Readers,

I would like to announce an album that I am hosting on my Bandcamp page for a friend of mine named Jane Martin. She recently finished up the minimum of pieces to move forward with the release. She wishes to add all future works to the album over time as one collection, thus simply naming the album Jane Martin.

Jane wanted me to relay this info:

My Biography

Hello everyone. My name is Jane Martin. I live in Fairview, OK, or actually 10 miles on the outskirts of town in a little hobbit hole-type abode. I’m surrounded by many trees and I feel as though they are family. Sometimes I feel more connected to nature than to humans – as we know how humans and their bad sides can be. Anyway, not to ramble too much, but I was lucky in that a distant relative visiting from Eureka informed me about wireless internet and managed to hook me up. This was around three months ago, around the time my composition, music life started. Ever since I’ve been busy working at this album and I’ve managed to finish enough to post it for sale. I intend to add to the collection over time, but the trees have been ignored these last few months due to my obsession with music and now I feel its time to give them the attention they deserve.

Special thanks to J.C. Combs for hosting my album at his Bandcamp page and thanks to the fine citizens of Fairview, OK.

Yours Truly,

Jane Martin


One thought on “Jane Martin

  1. Very impressive. It has a very provocative psychological edge. It also has an appeal which could be commercially exploited, especially in the modern dance field.

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