Doing the Technological Limbo

Recently, through participation in the event ImprovFriday and experimenting with what I’d term is a mixture of plunderphonics, sound art, glitch, soundscapes, field recording, electroacoustic, music concrete, acousmatic, ambiance and noise (!), I’ve piled up quite a bit of works which are now organized fairly neatly into albums at my Bandcamp site.

At the moment all the albums are works in progress.  Minstrel Nomadic is set for release the summer of 2010, but is almost finished and I decided to set a price of $10.00.  The other two albums, “Jane Martin” and “File Under” are free.

On another note, the site “bandcamp” seems to be a work in progress as well.  For instance, just a month or two ago they came up with the idea that they could add tags to our music.  They still have smart ass comments for people downloading, error messages, etc., which are sort of hip, but can be annoying (especially the error messages).  However, they are one of the few sites sprouting up to offer lossless file storage.

I guess what I’m getting at is the fact that so many musicians are in a sort of limbo with the unfinished concepts for storage, tagging, etc., in a world of increasing bandwidth (soon we will be surfing on crazy Google speed with the capability of downloading a HD movie in 5 minutes) and faster computers (mp3s are a dying breed).   If that picture isn’t big enough, I think we could reach the same conclusion regarding technology in everyday life, from transportation to communications to energy (whats this Bloombox anyway??).

In closing, I think our time more the quadruples the developmental speed of any other time in history and so long as humans are tied to organic bodies (am I digressing?), we are going to suffer from the headache of constant change and progress.  We should not forget that progress drops off more than its fair share of waste, things we have learned and adapted to and subsequently had to forget (if forgetting is really possible).


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