CD – Benjamin Smith – Improvisations

One of the finest new music releases this year came via the NIWO label, a set of 12 improvisations from pianist Benjamin Smith.  I think of Benjamin as a modern day Chopin, the way he masters both the melody and harmony of an improvisation.  The music is straight up jazz at the intersection of classical music (new music).

Benjamin had this to say about the release:

I’m a music feeler and improviser interested in spreading the learning and practice of music improvisation (not only jazz) in the world. In 2006 I decided to awaken my musicianship and find an organization that shares and promotes improvisation in music for anyone interested, so I joined David Darling’s Music for People — a nontechnical, non-genre community — and am a Mentor in the leadership program.”

I am interested in expanding and facilitating improvisation, collaborating with others who passionately share what they do in art, health, or any field that promotes healthy collaboration in a community.”

Click here for a sample:  October 20th, 2009


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