My feud with Jane Martin

Readers, as some of you may know, I decided to have a go at “producing” and my first artist to take on was Jane Martin. To be honest, I felt sorry for her, being that she lives in Fairview, OK, population 5,000 (?), probably barely enough technology to get online and share her music. On many occasions she stated “thank god for wireless internet,” so I have an inkling this is probably true. Nonetheless, her music was of a quality level and I felt she would make a great candidate for JC Combs Productions.

Anyway, getting to the point…. I have decided to go public with our feud that has been going on for two months, since the release of her self-titled album, Jane Martin.  I’m not sure what to do, maybe drop the album, free my hands of her! This is an example of what I have been dealing with. A conversation from February 28, 2010:

JM: Hello JC, this is JM. I don’t believe you are doing everything you can to promote my album and, frankly, I am this close to firing you as my producer. I believe there are thousands of idiots who are more fit to take on my level of genius. You see, JC, its my vision. When I make music, Mother Earth and I are one, Space and I are one, Venus, Jupiter and all the planets in the galaxy are one.

JC: Jane, I am doing but everything in my power to promote your works. You may not understand, since social interaction is somewhat new to you. You live in a hobbit hole, Jane, maybe you should get out more before you insult me and threaten to fire me as your producer. But, alas, if you feel there are more qualified producers out there, have at it, don’t let me stand in your way.

JM: I will consider that as an option, JC. Not only are you standing in my way, but this whole town, this state, the idiots who sit outside the barbershop on a lazy Sunday afternoon and rattle on about John McCain and Sarah Palin. I wasn’t born to live in Fairview, JC! Get me out of this hell hole. But you can’t and take this as a warning, I’ll give you a year to make something out of me. And if you haven’t performed up to standard, you’re fired! Click.

You see what kind of a predicament I am in? I just want to let it all “out there,” for people to know that producing, be it independent artists, whatever, is not an easy job! Maybe I need to get out of that game.


One thought on “My feud with Jane Martin

  1. As both an artist who has produced his own recordings, and having produced recordings for other artists, I can only say that if I were in your position, I would make every attempt to end the relationship peacefully, but soon. Whether or not you choose to continue producing I leave to you, but I would choose at this time to not produce this artist. It seems funny that an artist would expect a producer to promote their recording — that is a promoter or record label’s job, but not a record producer. From the e-mails you have posted, it certainly doesn’t seem like your work on behalf of the artist has been appreciated. Cut your losses and move on, J.C. Just my two cents…

    Keep up the good work — love the blog and your posts.

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