Seattle invades New York, Waller invades ImprovFriday

This is funny. Initially both concerts were scheduled for April 30th, but Michael Waller luckily found out before it was too late that Christopher DeLaurenti’s show was scheduled for the same night as his. Therefore, we pushed Michael’s set to Saturday so he could catch Chris’ show at John Zorn’s “The Stone” in New York. Michael will be putting on a live streaming show at ImprovFriday May 1st. Here are the shows descriptions:

Christopher DeLaurenti: Phonopolis & Flap-o-Phone Nocturnes
at The Stone – April 30 –
corner of avenue C and 2nd street, Manhattan
Subway: F, V to Lower East Side-Second Ave
8 pm – sharp!
$10 ($5 for students)

Maker of the notorious “Favorite Intermissions” album released by NY-based label GD Stereo, DeLaurenti presents field recordings that capture unusual confluences of sound, speech, music and “found soundscapes,” accidental field recordings, and inadvertent intersections of audio glitches, improvisation and recording technology.

He also plays the flap-o-phone, a hand-cranked turntable made of cardboard, improvising with vintage performances by Igor Stravinsky and radio transmissions embedded on 78 rpm records. This is the first New York solo appearance of this Seattle-based sound artist since 2001.

You are invited to watch Michael Vincent Waller perform LIVE via the internet at ImprovFriday on the front page May 1, 2010. 1 PM PST, 4 PM EST. For all international times visit:

Michael Vincent Waller
Saturday, May 1, 2010
4:00pm – 5:00pm
world wide web AKA the internets

Michael Vincent Waller is a New York City based composer and visual artist, heavily involved with the Dream House (DIA Affiliate) over the last five years.

His vocal raga and composition studies with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela have provided a beautiful inspiration to his focus on modal, drone, and electronic means. This deep intrinsic experience of involving overtones is the essence of his canvas for acousmatic and spectral compositions. Michael endorses the phenomenologist approach to sound as his “central attitude” and manual for being.

He has collaborated with Alex Waterman, Yvonne Troxler, Gregor Kitzis, Sabir Mateen, Christine Bard, and Elizabeth Hoffman – performing at venues Issue Project Room, Tenri Cultural Institute, Diapason (upcoming 5.29.10), Zebulon, Paris London West Nile, Port d’ Or, and The Living Theatre.

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One thought on “Seattle invades New York, Waller invades ImprovFriday

  1. I’m sorry to have missed DeLaurenti’s set at the Stone. Much to admire in his work! Thanks for the links and the info though!

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