Killing Time/Monsieur Délire

Since the release of “Safe Passage,” I’ve been in a strange position of having too much work completed. Thankfully there is “ImprovFriday,” which fills the void while taking a break from composition. “Minstrel Nomadic” (my next solo release) and “Confessions of a Deviant Machine” (collaboration with Lee Noyes) are done. In fact we’re at the album art stage. So, killing time, I’ve been tracking my CDs travels. In the short time its been out, its aired on radio and received one brief review from François Couture‘s site:

J.C. COMBS / Safe Passage (Electroshock Records)

Safe Passage propose dix collages sonores constitués de sons trouvés et d’enregistrements “accidentels”. Unebelle galerie de scènes du quotidien transformées en moments surréalistes. Il faudra que lui consacre une écoute plus attentive, parce qu’il a tendance à se fondre dans le décor, mais il y a du potentiel.

Safe Passage features ten sound collages made from found sounds and “accidental recordings”. A fine gallery of daily scenes turned into surreal moments. I need to devote a more dedicated listen to this record, as it tends to blend into the background, but it definitely has potential.


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