Blue by J.C. Combs

Adam neared the piano, center stage of a large hall. The piano was blue. He turned his back to the piano, and directly across the stage was a viola resting on a stand. The viola was blue. The sky was blue and the moon was blue too. The stars were twinkling blue.

Adam was blue. He exited the stage and made way for the first row. He found a seat in the middle of the aisle and pulled out a notepad and pencil. Frantically, he jotted down several notes, “too loud, abrupt, hurried.” Having none of it, he stood up and shouted “who will pay to attend this pathetic exhibition?”

As Adam walked to the exit the blue sky remained blue. As he opened the door the stars put him at ease. Adam ripped up his notes and decided a better outlook was in order.

Now Adam was standing on the beach and the sea was blue. He laid down a blanket and devised a scheme to create the perfect sand castle. He would charge 20 dollars per showing.

The castle was washed away.


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