Cloudy day

Cloudy Day by J.C. Combs

“The weatherman didn’t say it was going to be cloudy,” Frank suggested to himself as he stood up and patted the sand off his legs.  “Bad day to go to the beach,” Frank thought.  Then he thought about it some more…  He put his sunglasses on and looked up.  “Damn clouds,” Frank muttered to himself as he sat down on a log which was in the curious shape of some sort of large mammal.  He couldn’t make it out.  “Maybe an unknown species.  Good day for a discovery,” Frank concluded as he pulled out his switch blade and proceeded to carve eyes into the log.  “You look like someone I once knew..  Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, you really did it this time.”  The man was now walking along the beach, scanning the ground for flat rocks.  Quick side arm throw.  A couple skips.  “Not bad.”  The man was indecisive.  “I could walk back to my car or stand on this beach pointlessly.”  The man decided to flip a coin.  “Heads its the car, tails I stay.”


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