Confessions of a Deviant Machine – (Review from “Acts of Silence”)

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with reviews, but I think I may have been slipping of late with all the work I’ve been up to.  Being an artist of any type with a full-time job makes operating a blog more trying, but I do believe I have enough energy to get by (knock on wood).

Anyway,  below is a quote from a very thoughtful review by David Nemeth on the pages of “Acts of Silence.”regarding “Confessions of a Deviant Machine”Lee Noyes, myself, on the Con-V label.  (PS:  I shy away from using the term “netlabel” because the “net” part no doubt will become irrelevant in the future in the recording industry).

Maybe the “liking” of various experimental improvisational music is much like Justice Potter Stewart’s recognition of hard-core porn, ” . . . I know it when I see it.” For me, I know when I like a record when I like it, and I really like Confessions of a Deviant Machine.  –  Acts of Silence (David Nemeth reviewed)


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